Internet of Water Flanders

Flanders tackles its water challenges through innovation. A fine-grained measurement and high-frequency sensor network is being deployed at selected locations across Flanders and will continuously measure indicators of water quality from 2023 onwards. This will facilitate a more dynamic and efficient water management and pave the way to a more robust water system. The permanent data flows open the way for smart applications.

Internet of Water

Vlaanderen schakelt een versnelling hoger in de aanpak van zijn wateruitdagingen. 2500 sensoren gaan de waterkwaliteit meten. Vanaf 2022 volgen we onze watervoorraden permanent op en wordt het beheer intelligent en dynamisch. Zo kunnen we onze waterreserves beter benutten.

What is Internet of Water Flanders?

A network of sensors will measure water quality indicators of different water types in real-time at precisely chosen locations across Flanders.

Why an Internet of Water for Flanders?

Water scarcity is a growing issue in Flanders. Internet of Water Flanders paves the way to a more advanced and optimized water use.

Buiding an Internet of Water for Flanders

Internet of Water Flanders involves its stakeholders and relevant market parties to develop use cases where real-time monitoring of water quality indicators can unlock better management.

Internet of Water Flanders to tackle water challenges

Internet of Water will help Flanders to optimize its water management. A smart real-time monitoring network sheds a new light on both large and smaller water challenges.

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