Internet of water Flanders is a research project of imec, VITO, Vlakwa, VMM, De Watergroep and Aquafin, with the support of Flanders Innovation & Entrepeneurship, VLAIO.

Aquafin works towards streams and brooks full of life and a living environment in harmony with water. Together with the projectpartners we are trying to shape the digital infrastructure for the future water management in Flanders. We are testing if the sensors we are currently developing are also suitable for use in sewage. We are also cooperating in the research possibilities of converting the acquired data into valuable information for various partners in the project.

De Watergroep is the largest drinking water company in Flanders and serves more than 3.2 million costumers. As an autonomous water company De Watergroep offers products and services across the entire water chain. Our historical mission – to supply high-quality drinking water at an affordable price – remains as valid as ever. Furthermore, we adopt a sustainable closed-loop system to ensure the economically and ecologically responsible management of every link in this water chain: rainwater, groundwater and surface water, drinking water, process water and wastewater. We collaborate with other partners on innovative projects to continue to guarantee a robust and sustainable drinking water supply system.

Imec aims to be the world-leading R&D and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technologies. Imec has ample experience with IoT devices, sensors, network connectivity, cloud architecture and infrastructure, as well as with the state-of-the-art data models that go with them. The chip that will be at the core of the sensor is also produced by imec. All of this requires the active participation of imec teams from Leuven, Antwerp (City of Things and the Netherlands (Holst Centre). As well as from IDLab an imec research group at the Universities of Antwerp and Ghent.

VITO is an independent Flemish research organisation in the area of cleantech and sustainable development. In Internet of Water Flanders, VITO develops algorithms and hydrological models that analyse and visualize the IoT generated data. The processed information will be presented in easy accessible applications that deliver useful and actionable information for water managers, drinking water and wastewater treatment companies and other stakeholders. VITO is also involved in the testing and certification of data streaming into the IoT stack.

The Flemish Knowledge Centre Water (Vlakwa) is an independent division in the water department of VITO. Vlakwa is an accelerator for water innovation in the Flemish industry and water cycle. Vlakwa supports the acquisition and management of knowledge, promotes (international) collaboration between all actors and stimulates the exchange of experience and knowledge. As a partner in Internet of Water Flanders, Vlakwa is in charge of the stakeholder management and the communication.

In the Flanders Environment Agency (abbreviated VMM), our dedicated professionals work together for a better environment in Flanders. As an agency of the Flemish government, we are part of the Department of Environment and Spatial Development (Omgeving) . We contribute to the objectives of the Flemish environment policy. Our core activities focus on clean water, pure air and in-depth environmental reporting. Through scientific measurements and analyses we are able to report objectively on the state and outlook of the environment. Based on our years of experience and expertise, we propose sustainable solutions and work professionally together with our partners.

Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship is the contact point for entrepreneurs in Flanders. We encourage and support innovation and entrepreneurship, and contribute to a favourable business climate. By being a one-stop-shop, we build a bridge towards stronger entrepreneurship.

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