Setting up an experimental IoT structure for Internet of Water Flanders

The creation of a robust IoT architecture is essential to create an effective Internet of Water Flanders (IoW) and to exploit the full potential of the sensor data. Recently, the project set up an experimental platform that collects the data streams from the experimental sensors into a data cloud.

The IoW Flanders-architecture for the end-to-end data transfer (from IoT sensor to data cloud) was implemented in an experimental platform and follows defined standards and data models. This architecture also processes the data coming from reference sensors (link).

Calibration and validation
This IoT architecture is used to compare and evaluate the data streams from IoT sensors with those coming from the reference sensors.
In order to build a high-quality data flow specifically designed algorithms for calibration and validation are crucial.

Calibration means a correct interpretation of the information flow from the IoW Flanders- sensors by comparing it with the data from reference sensors. This comparison helps then to fine-tune the information flow.

Validation of data is about developing smart recognition processes that detect anomalies when incorrect measurements come in.

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