Internet of Water Flanders’ full-stack approach: a leading edge from the start

Imec is responsible for the development of Internet of Water Flanders’ IoT sensors. It also provides support in the area of IoT gateways and for the data cloud and data models. The monitoring and co-ordination of the project is in the hands of Koen Triangle, from Imec City of Things. He assesses the innovative value and power of Internet of Water Flanders in an international context.

Koen Triangle (imec City of Things): “The number of sensors and the surface area covered by the measurement network make Internet of Water Flanders something unique, including internationally.

But there’s more: in this project, the entirety of the technologies, data standards and applications, known as the IoT stack, and all the communication steps between them, are defined in such a way as to guarantee uniform access to sensor data. That too is unique. This will ensure that the data can be accessed more easily by numerous players and that the Internet of Water Flanders data can also be supplemented and enriched more easily with other data from a range of sources. That will prevent many co-ordination problems in the longer term.

Just to note: we’re creating a world where everyone retains their own platform, but where data is relayed to an environment where it can be accessed and used by the other partners.”

“We’re mainly working with open source technology for the data we generate. That makes it perfectly possible for it to be used by all possible external parties. But what data they make available remains, of course, the choice of the Internet of Water Flanders partners.”

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